Millville Community Fire Company

Station 230 Millville, Pennsylvania


Millville Fire Company currently operates 9 emergency vehicles, including 2 ambulances, a rescue and 6 fire fighting vehicles.  In addition, the company owns an antique Seldon ladder truck and 2 hand drawn hose carts.  It also houses Collapse 1 of the Columbia County Rescue Task Force and a HAZ MAT Decontamination Trailer. Also in the near future we will be placing a boat in service to assist are neighboring companys with water operations.

Ambulance 230


2011 Medtec

M-168 Type I Box

2011 Dodge 4500 4x4 chassis

Tanker 231


1998 E One

6 man, Raised Roof Cyclone II Cab

2000 Gallon Tank

1500 GPM Pump

Electric Side and Rear Dump Chutes

8 KW PTO Generator

Rescue 232


2005 EVI

Freightliner Chassis 

2 Cab, 3 Man Walk In Command Post 

20 KW PTO Generator

Light Tower

Hurst Rescue Tools


Engine 233


1991 E One

6 Man Cyclone Hush Cab

1500 GPM Pump

1000 Gallon Water Tank

PTO Generator

Attack 234




2009 E One / Fire Classic

2007 International 7400 4x4 Chassis

1250 GPM Hale Midship Pump

Class A CAFS Foam System

300 Gallon Tank, 30 Gallon Class A Foam Cell

Tanker 235

2009 E One / Fire Classic

2007 International 7400 4x4 Chassis

500 gpm Hale pto pump

Class B Foam System 

1700 Gallon Tank, 25 Gallon Class B Foam Cell


Brush 236


1968 Jeep M715

Spray Bar

Bumper Mounted Winch

Brush 237


1985 Chevrolet 3/4 Ton

Spray Bar

Booster Reel

Bumper Mounted Winch

Ambulance 238

2000 Braun

Chief XL Type III

Ford E-450 Super Duty Chassis